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Note: these prototypes are designed to
be demoed rather than used, so beware

People Shell   People Shell is a new client shell that is designed from the beginning to include devices, buddies, sharing, and communication. Existing solutions have grown haphazardly as these new technologies and services have evolved, so a clean-sheet design is warranted.
Flip Flop   Flip Flop exemplifies a software to hardware strategy for a carrier. It starts with a J2ME blackberry, then a J2ME phone, and ends with a custom hardware device. Note: scroll this page to the bottom to read the "about" page first.
IMP   Instant Message Pod (IMP) is a very small messaging device. Its novel folding keyboard enables a very small form factor. This prototype is centered on a teen device, but the same design could be used as a sleek, enterprise messaging device. Click the "about" and "tour" links to get explanations. Note: IMP has to download music so at first it may appear to be silent after you click on it to open it.

The scroll wheel and right button map to the scroller on the device and the back button. Try it to see what I mean.
A second-generation of IMP with a camera playing a more important role. This is both a TXT device and a phone. Click the device link in the upper-left corner to toggle. This has a newer user interface than IMP. Play some music and then click ring to simulate receiving a call. Note: If there's a web camera attached to your machine, this may connect to it.
EyePop   EyePop is an example of a teen-oriented site for existing cellular devices. Click on the about link on the bottom for a description. A consumer device version of IMP would need a similar web presence to support the device and build community.
Display Fixes   Display Fixes simulates a new justification algorithm that does a better job of flowing text on a narrow display. It uses letter spacing to widen narrow lines, but not as much as full justification. The scroll wheels are active, so scroll up and down. Note: this can be slow to display because it's doing word-wrap in script.
Small Displays   Small Displays simulates viewing a real document on a small display.
Wired World   Wired World is a simulation of a wired, smart phone that is programmed from the web.