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communication/people-centric application

This design is the desktop "half" of a communication/people-centric application. Instead of a file system and documents underlying the basic user experience, it uses people. Applications, data, etc. are all expressed in terms of the user and the groups she belongs to. It is also designed to accommodate non-PC devices.

The prototype can use either a local database or a remote, persistent one(which is disconnected)

The basic screen components are:
  • Navigation Frame -- licensee's basic frame done in "blueprint" blue. The yellow underlined buttons are active as is the URL/address bar.
  • The "Home" button takes you to the default screen which lists the user and her groups
  • Sidebar -- this usually contains the applications and buddy list for a user or group
  • Application Menu bar -- the green bar along the top. Basic application screen commands
  • Application area -- (in this case photos)