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steve capps

Capps is the Chief Technical Officer and a founder. Capps has worked at all the big names in the personal computer world: Xerox, Apple, and Microsoft. At Apple he was one of the original Macintosh software team and worked on many parts of the ROM, system, and development environment. He repeated this role for the Newton Project after founding the project with Michael Tchao. At Microsoft, he worked as a user interface architect and contributed to many versions of the Internet Explorer. He was also a major designer for MSN Explorer. Capps has received 57 patents to date.

Over the last 2 years, Capps has done pro-bono work to automate the The Nueva School. Most of the site is private, but it is used heavily by faculty, staff, parents, and students to exchange homework assignments, reports, photos, blogs, newsletters, and invitations. It also supports volunteering, attendance, scheduling, directories, mailing lists, and pretty much everything except grades. One small public part is a community-authored book review blog

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